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The A spot
Every woman has a A spot. It's placed insight the vagina at the front wall, out against stomach/pubis, a little higher up than the G spot approximately 5-6-7 cm in. I have a few times experienced, that the A spot can expand like the G spot, but only to the size of an pea, so it is not easy to notice it. When you know where the A spot is placed, it is easy to stimulate it the right way.

The A spot is filled with nerves, and stimulating the A spot will increase the lust she already has. It is not the A spot you will want to start up with during the warm up, but when she already is up and "flying", then the stimulating of the A spot will put "another step on the rocket".

Stimulating the A spot in connection with other spots works very well, like the U spot, G spot and clitoris. I have not experienced, that it is possible to give orgasm by singularly stimulating the A spot, but in connection with other spots it works fantastic.

The A spot is also described in old oriental books about the art of love (Karma sutra).

When stimulating the A spot with the fingers, massage and pressure works really well.

We use the A spot to increase the G spot orgasm in our classes and it works really well.


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