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The erogenous zones
On the picture the erogenous zones we use in our classes are marked with blue.

There are a many of the women’s erogenous zones, there are a lot more than mentioned here. And as more turned on she get, the more zones will become active and is she really turned on, her entire body is a erogenous zone. Not all women are similar, so feel your way around.

Everything from slight touches, soft massage, to slow licks, kisses and just getting close is to be recommended.

The scalp

Massage her scalp and scratch lightly with the fingertips, like during a hair wash. That releases endorphin’s, which are lust developing hormones.

The face

In the face very light touches work really fine. On the temples, downwards to the ears, cheekbones, cheeks, forehead, eyebrows. That can make her relax totally, make her feel save and make her give into it.

The mouth

The mouth is a very tender sensing organ. The Karma sutra-teaching says there is a connection between the clitoris and the upper lip. We have experienced so our self. Some women have had the contact between clitoris and the upper lip in that degree, so that the upper lip swells after an orgasm. Lick on the back of the upper lip, take her upper lip in your mouth, stick your tongue in hers and lick from side to side.

Try and lick her lips.

Ear lopes

Some women enjoy to get their ears touched. Ears/ear lopes can be kissed (noiseless), licked or nipple with lips. Soft is always good to start with.

The neck

The neck can bee fondled, kissed, licked, even nipples, but everything in due time.


The underarms are filled with nerves. Small circular movements with the fingertips, very lightly, from the elbow till the hand.

Hands and fingers

The hands are filled with nerves, so very lightly caressing will work really good.
Hands can be kissed and licked, but everything in due time. A turned on woman can even get orgasms while she gets her finger licked.


The chest and around the breast are very sensitive areas, very light caressing are really good here.

The breasts

The breasts are a collection point for many nerves and cause of that very sensitive. The nipples and surrounding area can be kissed, licked and nipple tenderly with lips, sucked at and so on.

The stomach

The stomach enjoys to get massaged very softly, so it can be loosened and relax. A funny thing is, when you place your hand on a woman’s stomach, will the caressing, other places on her body, with your other hand become increased. It gives warmth to her body to sense your hand on her stomach.
Soft caresses are also good for the stomach.

Inner thighs and the backside of the thigh

These are very sensitive areas. Nerves from the clitoris spread down in her legs. For a start very soft touches work real good, so tender that it almost gets electric. When she is turned on a little, kiss and licks also work fine. Is she really turned on, a broad wet tongue to lick with works super.


Some women enjoy to get their toes licked. Works best when she is turned on.


Experience your woman melt in your hands

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