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The U spot
The U spot is a spot every woman has.
It is a very sensitive area, filled with nerves. The area is on top and on both sides of the urethras opening. It is not a spot that expands like the G spot, but a big concentration of nerves. If you stimulate the U spot right, there will grow a warm delightful feeling of lust in her tummy and spread out in her legs. It is possible to give a woman a U spot orgasm, since the spot functions like the clitoris. But it is the combination of several spots, that gives the very intense experiences. Stimulation of the A spot, G spot, clitoris, X spot, anything that will turn her on, will become better in combination with the U spot.

The U spot is best stimulated with a warm and wet tongue, very slow licks are good for the warm up. One or two wet fingertips on the U spot are also good. Side to side slides work wonderful, and with that move you might accidentally graze the clitoris a little. Remember the fingers have to be very wet all the time.

The U spot is a wonderful spot to play with, in our classes we use it as a part of the warm up and enhancer for the A & G spot squirt orgasm.
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