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The G spot
Every woman has a G spot, it is named after the German American gynaecologist Gräfenberg. The spot is placed approximately 1-4 cm inside the vagina, against stomach/pubis. The spot expands when she gets excited, that's why it's not easy to find to begin with. The G spot has to be activated/opened, before it has any effect, never start the game with the G-spot.

Right behind the G spot is the urethra placed. That is the reason, why some women can experience the impression of having to pee, when the G spot is getting stimulated, since nerves in the urethra also will be stimulated. And these nerves will normally only get stimulated while peeing.

You can read a lot about the G spot in the press or on the net. Some experts allege after a lot of laboratory research, that not all women have a G spot. Others that the G spot has to be treated ruff and with force to produce an orgasm. I also read that women can get a "collagen" injection, to enhance her G spot, so it would work better. It isn't easy to know, what to trust.

Our experiences tell us, that all women have a G spot, and that all women can achieve a G spot orgasm with the right stimuli. Now it is said, so that no woman has to speculate on whether she has or has not a G spot.

The G spot is a very sensitive area, there are a lot of nerves placed in and around the spot. The nerves coming from the clitoris also pass it on the backside of the pubis, nerves from the A spot are placed a little higher up but still close to the G spot. Such an sensitive area has to be treated right, to give her the major orgasm. If you treat it to ruff, it can become an very unpleasant experience for her. To much stimuli will for most women ruin the possibility to enjoy it, they can't get themselves in to it and shut of their lust.
But if you treat the G spot with the proper technique and insight, then she can achieve very intensely orgasms, that fills up her entire body and can last minutes. For each orgasm she gets, it will get easier for her the next time and the orgasm will increase and get more and more intense. She will not believe it to be possible, but it is. It's crazy, what this spot can do!

It is possible to get a woman to squirt without orgasm, she also can get an orgasm without squirting, but the best is, when she gets an orgasm and squirts.

When a woman gets and squirt orgasm, the squirt comes from the opening at the urethra and 4 small holes, 2 holes on each side of the urethra-opening. It can be all from half a cup to over 6 cups of fluids, that can come out. The size of the Orgasm can not be judges on the amount of the squirt. Very intense orgasms can also be without a lot of squirt. The fluid that comes out is a base, and has nothing to do with urine. A clear fluid, without taste or smell. It comes from the Skenes glands.

There are also some glands who produce ointment for gliding in the vagina around the G spot, so it can happen that the fluid will be extra creamy when the G spot is stimulated.

The G spot is a magnificent spot to play with and you will be surprised about the magic that comes from this spot, when you get to know more about it. Even now, that I have known the G-spot for many years, I still get surprised how powerful orgasms the spot can give. The orgasms just get more and more powerful to her. And after that kind of orgasm a females body is so turned on, that it now is possible to give her orgasm just by licking her fingers or a hot kiss on her neck .......... now every possibility is open.

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Where they are placed and how you activate them.
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