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Our classes
To make the classes simple, we have worked out 5 steps. The five steps are what you need. From the warm up, till she gets the wildest orgasm. Easy and intuitive, when you know how.

Our classes are both theory and practice. It has to be tried, to learn it and of course we will be there to guide you, so mishaps can be corrected at the spot. When the class is over, you have tried that what you have learned works. This is the best way to learn it.
When you have your technique right, it becomes easier to do it again. Therefore you have to try it at our place. And has a woman once tried to fly high in an A & G spot orgasm, be assured she wants to try it again.

We only give single classes for couples, men and women. So only you and us. That allows for the best condition to learn these intimate technique.

The classes are intimate and involve nudity and physical contact. It is important for all to feel safe and comfortable, to be able to get the most out of the class. We are of the opinion, that we can't acquire that with more participants.

We guarantee, that it will be a wild experience to take our class.

Improve your sexual skills and get a better sex life !


Our classes are single lessons,
so it will only be you and us.

That gives an better opportunity for a good and open conversation, so you can
get a answers to all your questions.

Call us Telephone 0045 6070 8140 or
write for more information.