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Classes for couples
In this class couples can learn about the woman’s A spot, G spot, U spot, X spot.

The man will learn to give the major A & G spot squirt orgasm, and she will learn to receive.

For this class we are two teachers, woman and man.
We start with 1,5 hours theory. We talk about what is needed to make it a success for both her and him. Where the spots are placed, what technique to use. So you will have a good experience and get some knowledge of the basics behind and what you have to do.
She will get some insights about what is happening in her body and he will acquire new ways to satisfy her with everything from new cuddle techniques, new licking techniques, new finger techniques, understanding of the building of an orgasm and quite some more.

Then we move on to the practical part.
Where the woman of the couple will learn to enjoy and open her A & G spot, and the man of the couple will learn how to massage and stimulate his partners A spot, G spot, U spot and X spot, so she will get the wildest A & G spot squirt orgasm.

The class involves intimacy.
It includes nudity, oral stimulation and finger massage in the vagina.

The classes are single lessons, including only you and us. That supplies the best conditions to learn and understand something this intimate. The possibility for open and free questions is also important, so that all the questions you might have can be answered.
We can adjust the class to your wishes.

When a woman initially has learned the sensation of an A & G spot orgasm, she will easily be able to drag this sensation in to a kiss, a touch and a lot of other things, that will become a lot more intense, imagine to get an orgasm just by getting your fingers licked or a kiss on you neck.
It is as if the woman’s senses are opened anew after her first A & G spot Squirt orgasm.

The man will always be able to satisfy his woman, when he has been to our class. It only needs for him to have control of the technique and the will to use it.

It gives confidence to feel your woman melt between your hands. Which also will make you experience sex in a new way and give you some intense and fantastic experiences. Sex will have a new dimension and life will be seen in a new light. This will give you more joy in life and that will make your life last longer.

If you like to know more, you are welcome to call us, phone +45 6070 8140

or write to our email kontakt@nytliv.nu .


Do you dream of
renewing your sex life?

Learn about the magic in the woman’s A & G spot, and how to use it !

Very soft and tender technique !