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Nyt Liv Nu
We have with amazingly good results, developed a technique, that makes it possible for every woman to enjoy the magic in here A & G spot. It's the tender technique, that is the key to the good results. It works on all women and the softer you do it, the wilder the orgasm will get.

There are many ways to learn the technique, but none as tender as ours. If you are to harsh, fast and violent, the only result you get is, that the woman shuts down for her lust, clinches in her abdomen and the experience will become unpleasant.

It's our tender technique that makes all the difference. The woman can relax, open her self op to the experience quite and easy, until she's ready to take the big A & G spot orgasm.

By stimulating the A & G spot with our tender technique, she can fly high for an hour and can get orgasm that last several minutes. Just by stimulating the right places. It's an intense and major experience for both him and her.

Women can learn about their A spot, G spot, U spot and X spot, and get them aroused, and try the magical experience it is to have an A & G spot squirt orgasm. And when a woman has tried this kind of orgasm once, the gate to a whole new world has opened. The next orgasm will come more and more easily, with the right stimulation.

The intensity will spread to her entire body, her senses will get opened and be easier to affect - sex will become a bright new experience to her and her partner.
Men (and women) can learn to give women A & G spot orgasm. And what is more giving than seeing once partner in ecstasy, while she cum’s in a fantastic orgasm.
You are welcome to call us, phone 0045 60708140, for more information or
send us an email: kontakt@nytliv.nu .

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