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logo-test026.gif Nyt Liv Nu
Welcome to "Nyt Liv Nu" (New Life Now). We will guide you through our tender methods to the magnificent A & G spot squirt orgasm. We will expand your sexual skills, and give you an understanding of, what lies underneath.

It will give him more confidence, when he knows what he's doing, and she will just melt under his skilful treatment.

For her it's a big pleasure to get A & G spot squirt orgasms into her life. After the orgasm she will be totally relaxed and feel a huge inner wellbeing, you can't compare it to an clitoris orgasm at all.

It's not a coincidence that our name is "Nyt liv nu"/New Life Now.

Every woman can experience an A & G spot squirt orgasm, the orgasm that makes the woman melt and smile.

Every man can experience to give his woman the big A & G spot Squirt orgasm.

Our classes gives you the opportunity to acquire the skills! Beautifully tender technique.

We help to more smiling faces on the street.
It's never to late! Let the rest of your life be with better sex!

Do you wish to renew your sex life?

Learn how she gets the major A & G spot squirt orgasm.

Very intense orgasm’s, that will spread through her entire body and can last minutes.

The orgasm that can make her melt and smile.
Opdateret d. 19-09-2009