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Classes for men/women
In this class both men and women can learn about the female A spot, G spot, U spot, X spot and have the opportunity to experience being the giver of a major A & G spot squirt orgasm, with the techniques you have learned.

For this class we are two teachers, woman and man.
We start with 1,5 hours theory. We talk about what is needed to give these major A & G spot squirt orgasm. Where the spots are placed, what technique to use. So you will get some knowledge of the basics behind and what you have to do. Everything from new cuddle technique, new licking techniques, new finger techniques, understanding of the building of an orgasm and quite some more.

Then there is the practical part.
Where you will experience to give the major A & G spot squirt orgasm, with what you have learned. All the way with a guide, so you can learn it correctly and get mishaps corrected instantly. So when the class is over, you will have tried what you have learned, and that it works.

You will always be able to satisfy your woman, when you have been to our class. It only needs for you to have control of the technique and the will to use it.

It gives confidence to feel your woman melt between your hands. Which also will make you experience sex in a new way and give you some intense and fantastic experiences. Sex will have a new dimension and life will be seen in a new light. This will give you more joy in life and that will make your life last longer.

If you like to know more, you are welcome to call us, phone +45 6070 8140

or write to our email kontakt@nytliv.nu

Learn the theory behind

A & G spot squirt orgasms !

So you can give the most wonderful orgasm every time

Take our class!

Very soft and erotic technique, learn it here!