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Classes for women
In these classes women learn about there A spot, G spot, U spot, X spot and will have the opportunity to experience the major A & G spot squirt orgasm.

We start the class with an hours theory, where we talk about what is going to happen. We talk about everything that is needed, to make the experience a success, and you will get an insight to what is happening in your body and where your erogenous zones are placed.

Then we move on to the practical part.
Where you will have the opportunity to enjoy/open your A & G spots. And have the magical experience it is, to get an major A & G spot Squirt orgasm.

The class involves intimacy.
It includes nudity, oral stimulation and finger massage in the vagina.

The classes are single lessons, including only you and us. That supplies the best conditions to learn and understand something this new about your body. The possibility for open and free questions is also important, so that all the questions you might have can be answered.
When we give classes for women, there is the opportunity to choose between two teachers (man or woman) or one (man). If one is chosen, the female teacher will stay in the room next door.

When a woman initially has learned the sensation of an A & G spot orgasm, she will easily be able to drag this sensation into a kiss, a touch and a lot of other things, that will become a lot more intense, imagine to get an orgasm just by getting your fingers licked or a kiss on your neck.
Which also will make you experience sex in an entirely different way and give you intensely and fantastic experiences. Sex will get an entirely new dimension and you will look at life with new eyes. That will give you more joy in life and that will make your life last longer.

If you like to know more, you are welcome to call us, phone +45 60708140 or
write to our email kontakt@nytliv.nu.

Woman learn about your lust spots,
A spot, G spot, U spot and X spot.
Where they are placed and how you activate them.

Have you tried an A & G spot squirt orgasm?

Experience it here. Take our class, very soft and tender technique.