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About us
Antonin Rustwijk

My experiences come from many years in the swinger-environment.

I have always enjoyed to give women nice sexual experiences, so it has always been natural to me to stretch myself a bit further to give those experiences.
Therefore my interest may also have been more eager than most to get to know, what needs to be done for women to get those big orgasms. I have spend a lot of time experimenting and collected feedback from women, and then I have used all my experiences as foundation for the classes we have now. These classes give an understanding of how an A & G spot orgasm works, and shows how the technique is done. The technique is easy going and easy to learn. The pupils gain a lot from these classes. The technique has been tried on more than 500 women and all have had the orgasm. I am not a Sexologist. All I know is self-taught.

That's why I choose to call myself "Sex Coach".


I am 44 years and divorced after 23 years of marriage, which didn't involve a lot of sex.

When I got divorced I became active swinger and I got to know Antonin. We have been a couple for more than 2 years now. Antonin has taught me to be able to receive the wild A & G spot squirt orgasm, and also has taught me to give them to other women. Together we have been given classes for about two year. We haven't yet in our time together met a women, where our tender technique didn't work.

I am not a sexologist, but I do have enough experience form my swinger-life, that I can call myself for "Sex Coach".

Woman do you dream

of the wildest orgasm’s?

Take the step from dream to reality,

learn how to enjoy the big orgasm’s and experience them.

Here is the possibility. Very soft and tender technique.